We Moved to Huntsville!

   For those of you who are familiar with our story, you know that Ries was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in December 2015. At the time, we were hoping to leave Augusta, Georgia where we’d been living for a couple years, but he got a job offer at the beginning of January, and after a week of being unemployed a job in Augusta sounded better than no job at all and he accepted the position. 

    This summer we were informed that the position he was working would no longer be available come the end of September, so we began the job hunt all over again. After a few stressful months, he received a job offer in Huntsville, Alabama. The job offer came at the end of August, and they wanted him to start September 1st, but we had a ten day vacation planned to the west coast. 

    We then very quickly submitted our two weeks at both of our jobs, drove to Huntsville the next weekend to find a new apartment, drove back to Augusta, and 1 September we took off for a trip to Washington and Oregon. (More on this in a later post.) We returned the evening of 10 September, slept on some sleeping bags we bought at REI on our West Coast adventure, woke up the next morning, packed the car (cat and gerbil included), drove to Huntsville, and Ries started work the next morning. 

    Huntsville is about six hours from Augusta, so on one of our drives, Ries and I were discussing how relocation helps break or form habits, how we should re-establish our goals once we moved, and in that discussion, Ries said he had an idea. Now, I’m usually a little hesitant to his ideas–he’s a right brain creative, while I’m a left brain thinker. When it comes to problem solving, we usually have the same end goal, but very different approaches to getting there. When either one of us have ideas, it usually takes a bit of tweaking for the other person to get on board. But this idea required no tweaking. 

    “I think we should start a blog.” 

    And so began the concept of Intercoastals, though we did fight over the title–Intercoastal? Intercoastals? The Intercoastals? “No I hate unnecessary ‘the’s.’” “I think it should be singular.” “I think it should be plural, because it’s about us, we are intercoastals–it’s a made up word for people who exist between coasts.” “I still prefer Intercoastal.” 

    And though the name may change, my hope is that this record of our lives, our travels, our friends, our home, our surroundings, our favorite pastimes will evolve and flourish. 

    At the very least, I hope it keeps the people we love caught up on the fast and crazy happenings of our lives.

     And as for Huntsville, we’re loving it. We’ll share more of our activities here. Our first weekend we went to a very nice outdoor mall and walked around; our second weekend we went to Lowe Mill–an old cotton mill converted to art studios which also hosts an open air market on Saturdays; our third weekend we flew to Boston for a wedding; this coming weekend we have plans to pick pumpkins from a patch; the following weekend we’re going to a local outdoor concert, an apple orchard, and a Story Telling Festival. We may not be getting enough sleep, but we’re really enjoying ourselves.

     Here are a few photos of our recent Huntsville (and beyond) excursions.


The view our first night as Alabama residents. We didn’t complain.


A few housewarming gifts to ourselves. (Can’t go wrong with Oregon wine.)


We live across the street from an awesome sushi place. This is a “Zombie roll.”


One of our first weekends in Alabama, we drove to Birmingham to see indie film Reparation, written by one of my favorite professors, Steve Timm.


We have fog! (As an Oregonian, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.) 


Hiro is obviously enjoying the increase in play space and wants to know why in the world I spend so much time in bed.


Ries at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. We caught the tail end of their butterfly exhibits (and saw a lone butterfly and very sassy turtle) but enjoyed walking around and viewing all the scarecrows and fall decorations.


There seems to be an abundance of groups in support of the arts. One example is Out Loud Huntsville which is group created for writers and artists to share their work.


I can never have enough flowers and tea, luckily Huntsville doesn’t seem to be in short supply of either.


Wedding ready: Ries preparing for his best man duties for Tom and Kelley’s October wedding in Boston.

That’s all for now, but check back on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for new posts! 


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