Resurrected, Revisited, Resolute

You know, originally I had planned to write one or two articles for this blog a week. It’s  been - well, literally months since I last updated Intercoastals with any content.


I thought seriously for a minute about shutting it down, chalking it up as a goose egg in the column, “taking the L” as my kid sister would say. We’ve been successful in other ways, after all - I placed third at the 2017 Indiana University SICE Undergraduate Symposium, Amanda was published not once but twice in the last year, and was promoted at work to a management position.

I was named an IU Founder’s Scholar (and I got some cool swag at today’s convocation!) to go along with my place on the Dean’s List (the good one, since apparently there’s a good one and a bad one) - a place I came to inhabit for the first time in my life. I swore if I went back to school I wouldn’t waste my chance. I’ve tried my best to uphold that vow; I think I’ve succeeded. I’ve even got a radio show!


I was also accepted into graduate school last week, and will be attending the IU MS program in HCI/design, starting Fall 2018. For the uninitiated, HCI is where storytelling, tech, design and business collide. Read: an oddly perfect amalgam of all the things that I find unnecessarily interesting, where I get to spend time drawing out crazy things like this:


Oh, and of course. We have a tiny man who crawls around the house eating everything he shouldn’t eat, smiles and waves at all the pretty ladies on the street, and is going to be a year old in about two months. (Seriously, how the hell did that happen?)


And yet, despite all of this success, the blog suffered. No entries were written - no photos posted. I figured, I could either shut it down or I could resurrect it. We chose to do the latter. Consider this the resurrection of Intercoastals - and a promise to anybody still watching for an update - I’ll check in at least once every other week from here on out, even if it’s just a short post.

There’s just too much happening to not document at least some shape of it. Too much amazing, and it’s only going to get even more amazing.

The Intercoastals are back. And this time…

We’re here to rock.

- Ries