Also known as “Nugget.”


Zodiac:     Libra

Spirit Animal:     A giant bunny when I’m sleepy or a raccoon when I’m feeling mischievous.

Favorite US City:     The Villages, Florida–so many windows, so many geckos.

Soundtrack of my life:     Reflection from Mulan

Someplace new I’d like to go:     Best of Friends Cat Condo at Disney World

Top Ten Movies:     Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, Song of the Sea, and Song of the Sea. Maybe Mulan and Beauty and the Beast too. I haven’t seen either, but I like it when Mom sings the “Bonjour” song to me.

Irrational fears:     Vacuums, closed doors, when my hoo-mans sleep in, any time someone breaks routine, and small kittens.

Top three games:     Mass Effect 2, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Flower.

Best corner of the house:     The black chair that is actually Dad’s but really belongs to me. Unless Bubba sits on my head. Or the bottom right corner of the bed in my bedroom–my humans call it “the guest room.” Or the small pile of Christmas pajamas that is on the floor behind my bedroom door.

Top three television shows:     Friends, Orphan Black, and Supernatural. 

Odd and unknown talents:     Eating grease out of the George Foreman grease tray, getting my beard wet every time I drink water, creating mats with my poor grooming skills, and opening the bathroom garbage can with my nose to fish out used Q-tips.

Favorite book:     Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

Hobbies I might like to pick up:     Waking my humans up ten minutes earlier every morning, grooming myself, chasing small dogs, and Olympic cat swimming.

Career aspirations:     Earn a promotion to “Human Baby Guardian,” replace the Pooh stuffed animal Mom sleeps with, weigh thirty pounds, and become an emotional support cat so I can go everywhere my humans go.

Three greatest accomplishments:

1) Jumping on top of the kitchen cabinets (and almost killing myself.)

2) Getting attention (whether positive or negative) in anyway possible–i.e. clawing the carpet, jumping in inappropriate places, making myself look irresistibly kissable.

3) Being cute/entertaining/smart enough that my parents don’t eat me.

*This post was typed by Human #1 aka Mom, dictated by the very handsome, illustrious, and eligible bachelor, Sir Nugget.