Zodiac:     Pisces

Spirit Animal:     Probably a whale, but I once did a spirit animal ceremony in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. I ended up with three animals: a deer, a lion, and a wolf. My spirit guide wasn’t quite sure what to do with me. I also feel very much like a rabbit at times. A very large rabbit.

Favorite US City:     Portland, Oregon

Soundtrack of my life:     Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”

Someplace new I’d like to go: Japan! (Oh my gosh, I want to go so bad!)

Top ten movies:     An Affair to Remember, Big Fish, Blade Runner, Children of Men, Finding Neverland, Howl’s Moving Castle, A Little Princess, Shutter Island, Singing in the Rain, Zootopia (but in all honesty, I love just about anything Disney.)

Irrational fears:     Leeches, mullets, the word mullet, falling down stairs

Top three games:     Mass Effect (it might as well be my religion,) Life is Strange, and hmm… probably Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Best corner of the house:     My little desk area, I think. It’s near the window and I’m currently working on decorating it with goals and photos, so being a goal oriented person, I think it’s the bee’s knees.

Top three television shows:     Friends, Newsroom (Will McAvoy is my fictional father figure), True Detective (the first season.)

Odd and unknown talents: I’m double jointed in my elbows, can sing, sew, ride horses, direct Shakespeare, and arrange flowers.

Favorite book:     Mrs. Dalloway.

Hobbies I might like to pick up:     Irish step dancing, aikido, painting, and violin.

Career aspirations:     Eventually I would like to teach collegiate English, but in the meantime I’m thinking of pursuing a nursing degree to become a midwife. I also would not mind directing Shakespeare to youngsters, opening my own floral shop, or becoming a certified yoga instructor. Oh and also a mom. I definitely want to be a mom.

Three greatest accomplishments:

1) One of my plays was selected for the American College Theater Festival.    

2) I’ve written two complete collections of poetry.    

3) I chased down and endlessly pursued my best friend and convinced him to marry me. (This is a real thing–I wrote him emails, letters, poems, songs, and performed Shakespearean sonnets for him until he proposed to me.)