Goodbye, Denver and Fort Collins

It’s our second to last weekend in Colorado, so we’re trying to hit all the stops.

One of my big goals for the summer was to visit the Denver campus of my web development school, Flatiron School. On Thursday, I was able to go see final project presentations for the immersive summer program and finally visited my first WeWork office at the same time. Before I headed home, I stopped at Tattered Cover’s LoDo location and picked up a copy of Dark Age for Ries, as his copy was delayed in its arrival.

On Friday we stopped at Walrus in Old Town, Fort Collins to get some ice cream, and found live music playing in the square. Gus was enraptured.

Saturday, I went to Fort Collins to get a facial, and spent some time in Old Town by myself—I got coffee at The Bean Cycle, bought myself a shirt from Kansas City Kitty that I’d been eyeing all summer, finally tried out Vatos Tacos, and went into Little Horse Vintage for the first time.

Sunday, we went back to Denver so Ries could say goodbye to Tattered Cover and the downtown area, before he started his last week of work at HPE.

Thanks for reading.