Weekly Gus #10


This was kind of a rough week for Gus.

One morning while we were at the park, Gus was doing his thing climbing a ramp and a boy who was about ten was talking to us telling us how there used to be a zip line on the ramp. He was sitting on the ground near the ladder, and I was listening and talking to him. That’s kind of unusual, but I thought maybe he was playing hide and seek—a lot of the older kids do that. Gus decided to climb the ladder, and all of the sudden got scared and ran over to me. I told him everything was okay, but the kid sitting near the ladder said, “He’s scared because I was poking his leg with a wood chip while he was trying to climb.”

So we left that young psychopath, and went elsewhere to play. Gus decided he wanted to walk about a quarter of a mile to the dog park nearby. Along the way he found some ants (he’s terrified of bugs) and tried to stomp on them, but they ended up climbing up his leg and he totally panicked. We kept walking to the dog park, and a big dog ran to Gus happily (on the other side of the fence) but when he got there, he started barking at Gus with a big dog bark, and Gus ran all the way back to the park and past it to the community garden and a tree and a river near it.

I’m writing this a week or so later, and the poor guy still hasn’t recovered. He’s afraid of playing at the park after psycho junior poked him, and he’s afraid of dogs now too. I’m not really sure what to do about it, so he ends up running to the creek most days, and I follow. Poor dude.