The Weekly Gus #3

Gus at one of our favorite parks.

Gus at one of our favorite parks.

One of Gus’ favorite things to do is go to the park. There’s a really amazing one we’ve found and Gus can stay there forever! We also just bought a cheap jogger cycle (our strollers didn’t fit when we packed the car) and so we try to run/walk a mile before we start playing. I never thought Gus would be willing to sit still so I could run for 15-20 minutes, but it looks like we’ve finally reached that milestone!

Gus has become more attached to me lately—which I didn’t know was possible. I think it’s due to the change in location, home, daily routine (read: we actually have a consistent schedule for the first time in two years) so I just kind of go with it.

Sometimes it presents itself in him sitting next to me on the couch (we’ve never had a couch before, so this is really nice!)

Sometimes he will say, “Da!” or “Dadee!” take me by two fingers to the bed and want to snuggle (which is super cute.)

And then other times…like almost every time we drive to pick up Ries, he will worm his way out of his seatbelt so he can turn himself around to see me while I’m driving. If I’m lucky and he doesn’t do that, he has started crying until I hyper extend my elbow behind me so he can hold on to two of my fingers or rub his face on the back of my hand. Luckily, we get to turn his carseat around so it’s front facing when he turns two in two weeks (Eeep!) so hopefully he’ll be calmer when he can see me.

The other day when we were at the playground, Gus saw two boys throwing a ball (one was pretty high up on a bridge above us) so he hiked all the way up to the boy and said, “Bah!” (Which is Gus’ word for ball.) The boy wasn’t too keen on sharing—and I didn’t expect him to share—so after we left the park, we went to Target and got a can of tennis balls and a size one soccer ball for Gus.

He loves carrying around his tennis balls and just tonight he was throwing them across the apartment very excitedly and clapping for himself, which is just the cutest thing ever.