Weekly Gus #5


This is as close as I've gotten to photographing my favorite thing about him--when our faces are really close together and the only thing we can see are each other's eyes.
The other day we were playing like this and he was giggly and cuddly and I realized that the things that I am most self conscious about (my weight, adult acne, my general lack of physical self care) are things he thinks are perfect. Things that make up his Mom Mom. He's not laughing to be polite, or running up to me when he's scared to make me feel better, or clinging to me so that I feel important or needed. He does all of those things because he is genuinely happy and wants to be around me. He doesn't know what kinds of things his Mom Mom wishes she was better at or better about. He just knows that we are together and life is perfect and happy. And I'm not going to be the person who points out flaws and tells him any of that is wrong. Because he's not wrong. I am.

I'm feeling all the feelings this week.