Weekly Gus #4


Our car was long overdue for a wash, so when I saw a car wash on the way to Goodwill, we pulled over. Little did I know, Gus is terrified of automatic car washes and had a total meltdown/panic attack in the car. I had to flatten out my seat so I could put my hand on him as the carwash did its thing, and the poor guy was so scared he was shaking. When we pulled into one of the vacuum stations, he ended up holding on to me with his arms around my neck for about five minutes. It was really sad, but also very sweet. We vacuumed out the car (he oddly wasn’t afraid of the vacuum) for the first time since our drive out to Colorado, and turned around his car seat because he’s been sitting with his knees up to his ears for months, and his birthday is next week! This is his first time facing forward and he LOVES it.