Playlist: for My Babies

Two fun facts about me: 1) I used to record music—covers and original songs. 2) I have really cool ideas, but completely underestimate the amount of time and work those ideas take.

So naturally before I had Gus, I really wanted to record an album of myself singing covers of popular songs as essentially a heirloom collection of lullabies.

I probably don’t have to tell you it didn’t happen. I will also tell you that Gus actually hates it when I sing. I tried and tried and tried when he was a wee little burrito, while nursing, rocking (which he also hates,) walking, etc. He really doesn’t like it.

But there’s still more time. And more kids.

Anyway, here’s a playlist of a couple songs I used to sing to him, and songs that I want to be on my covers album for my kids.