The Weekly Gus #2

Watching Enchanted with his sunglasses on.

Watching Enchanted with his sunglasses on.

I don’t have as many stories for this week as last week, but I have one really sweet one.

Gus and I have been treasure hunting a little at Goodwill lately, and the best things we’ve found so far are a DVD of Toy Story 2 ($2) and a Blu-Ray of Disney’s Enchanted ($3), which I had never seen before. As previously discussed in this article, “WILW: Sharp Objects,” I love Amy Adams. When I brought it home, Ries was shocked to learn that I had never seen the movie.

So this week, Ries, Gus, and I sat down and watched Enchanted as we ate. We didn’t think Gus would be very interested in it, as it’s only part animation and mostly live action, but he was ENRAPTURED. He loved the music, especially “That’s How You Know,” and if you follow us on Instagram, you can find his dance moves to it in my “Gus Grooves” story highlight.

Anyway, at the end of the movie, two characters kiss, and Gus who was sitting next to me at that point, stood up and kissed me too. My heart almost exploded.

When the credits rolled, he sat on the couch between Ries and I sticking out his bottom lip in a pout. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Oh and an added bonus: I loved the movie.

Seriously, go watch it.