Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Let’s talk about wasteful and sugary holiday Traditions

I went into Target to look for things to put together for Gus’ Easter basket a couple weeks ago. In the past, I haven’t put holiday gifts together for him because we had to buy so many things for him as he was growing that it seemed silly to wait for a holiday to gift him clothes that he needed to wear, or spend money on things he didn’t need just for a holiday.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for in Target, but I was disappointed with what I found. Easter basket? That’s going to float around our apartment for a couple weeks before getting smashed by a certain toddler and cat and then going into the trash. Easter grass? That’s going straight in the trash. Plastic Easter eggs? Best case scenario: we use them until they break (which will be in a couple years at best) and then they’ll go into a landfill.

I'm not even a crazy environmentalist. I'm just tired of paying to stock Goodwill.

We move frequently, we live in a small space, and I've been trying to stay on top of my inherited hoarding tendencies. I probably take a full garbage bag to Goodwill or resale stores each month, and I couldn't tell you what was in those bags if you asked. Stuff.

Stuff and sugar is what I found at Target. I have a sugar addiction, and whether that is something learned or inherited, I don't want to pass it on to my kids. There is no reason to bomb your kids with candy on holidays. It's unhealthy for them and it's teaching them it's okay to gorge on sweets just because it's a holiday. If you're the parent, you create the traditions. And you don't need to give your kids stuff and sugar because it's all you know, or it's "what's always been done."

What I’ll Get Gus

So I did some brainstorming and came up with my own list of things I wanted to put in Gus' Easter backpack—yes, a backpack, because that is something he can use every day of the year.

I had two things in mind as I did window shopping: 1. Gus needs clothes for warmer weather and 2. There are a lot of times we’re out that I wish we had an activity bag for him. I’m still purchasing items, and I probably won’t purchase everything I’ve linked above, but it’s nice to have options. I ended up purchasing a Fjällräven Mini Kånken bag for him on Poshmark for a lower price. I didn’t want to give into the fad, but the backpacks were originally made for children, and I was getting desperate enough I was almost going to sew a knock off myself. (Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.)

The toys and sticker books are things I’ve seen recommended by other toddler parents. The bunny toys are cute if you want to add a bunny to your basket (or backpack.) Gus isn’t a stuffie kid, so we’ll skip the plushes (I actually bought that Jellycat bunny for myself a couple years ago.) but I LOVE ZOOTOPIA, so we’ll probably purchase a digital copy and add it to our Movies Anywhere collection. I really like having digital movies on the iPad because we can save them offline so they are available for car rides.

Other Easter Basket Ideas

  • backpack / bag / organizational container (instead of a basket)

  • tee-shirt / clothes

  • movie

  • toy

  • toothbrush

  • candy / snacks (I like the Annie’s because they are bunny shaped.)

  • sunglasses

  • pens / markers

  • craft kit

  • card game / board game

  • water bottle

  • mug or travel thermos

  • book

  • face mask (probably not for littles)

  • nail polish

  • hair accessories

  • earbuds

Fill your eggs with these instead

Want to do a healthier egg hunt? Here are alternatives to put in your eggs.

  • puff cereal (Gus loves an organic peanut butter one from Kroger)

  • dark chocolate chips

  • stickers (Most toddlers love stickers.)

  • pieces of paper with quotes (for older kids)

  • popcorn

  • loose change (I loved finding change to add to my piggy bank in my eggs.)

I hope this article has given you a couple new ideas!

Happy (egg) hunting!


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