WILW: Sharp Objects Playlist


I knew I liked the Sharp Objects playlist. But it wasn’t until this week when I went to open the playlist and realized that Columbia Records had replaced the playlist with “For the Throne,” a compilation of music inspired by Game of Thrones, written and performed by various artists.

I listened to the Sharp Objects playlist while working on code quite often—it’s a collection of songs that vary from Led Zeppelin, to piano instrumentals, Patsy Cline, French vocalists, electronic, to a genre I call “Ghost Girl” music. It’s a weird collection, but for some reason, it’s perfect for me. So I spent an hour re-creating the playlist on Spotify, because I was actually in a funk not having my favorite work music. It’s based on similar playlist I found by Columbia Records on Apple Music and a fan made playlist on Google Play.

If you missed my What I Love Wednesday post on Sharp Objects, you can find it here.

Hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do.