WILW: Instax Mini 9


This camera has been on my wishlist for years. I finally saw it on sale in Best Buy and pointed it out to Ries and he said, “Get it. I can use it for school.” We’re at a point in our life that we rarely say, “Get (anything),” so I swept it up to the cash register with a spike of adrenaline. (The things that excite me, man.)

My biggest concern about buying an instant camera was that I was doing it because “all the cool Instagram girls are doing it.” But there is something seriously magical about taking a photo, shaking it out, and having that moment frozen forever in just one place. You can’t print it multiple times or store it in your Google cloud, it just exists in that one place, and because there is only one image capture, that makes the photos more precious.

I’m really glad we added the Instax Mini 9 to our camera collection, and I’m now considering trying to repair and get film for the two vintage polaroid cameras I have from my family.