WILW: Netflix's Friends From College

“I don’t know if I like this show.”
“So stop watching it.”
“I can’t.”

I watched the Netflix exclusive Friends from College when it was first released back in 2017. To be honest, I wanted to stop watching the awkward sex scenes, over the top personalities, and most of all the realistic relationships between six friends who went to Harvard together and found themselves living in New York City together twenty years after graduation.

“I know you love your college friends, but every time you get together with them, you all become bitches, all the sniping and showing off.” -John to his wife Sam.

The show is in equal parts hilarious and painful. The six protagonists are unlikable in the first season, and it’s difficult to empathize with them when their actions lead to their own demise.

When the friends aren’t busy trying to one up each other, and you get a glimpse at who they really are, it’s often times heartbreaking—they’re all forty year-olds pretending to be happy with their accomplishments and their lives, but are in constant search of the feeling they thought success would bring them.

If you can get through the first season, the second season is oddly easier to swallow, whether that’s due to the removal of the uncomfortable sex scenes, toning down the extreme personalities, or because the characters really seem to be paying the consequences of their actions, while simultaneously seeking to make the most of their lives in middle age.

I still can’t stand Ethan though.



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