WILW: Tubby Todd Products

Some Tubby Todd Christmas presents for our tiny man.

Some Tubby Todd Christmas presents for our tiny man.

I discovered Tubby Todd watching an Instagram story from one of my favorite mamas who was trying out a bunch of different lotions and treatments for her daughter’s eczema. I also suffer from terrible eczema off and on, and while I’m sure it has to do with my diet, it’s difficult to eliminate everything that could be causing it. I’ve seen dermatologists who have given me endless sample lotions and creams and nothing has worked, so I thought, “What the heck, it’s non-toxic, why not?”

I was was so happy to find that their “All Over Ointment” did get rid of my eczema after only a few days of using it. This same ointment is also intended for varying skin problems from dry skin to diaper rash.  

Later, when we were anxiously expecting Gus, I decided to purchase their “Hair and Body Wash” and “Everyday Lotion” for him. I loved using the shampoo-body wash combo on Gus and it worked even for his curly hair without being overly drying. We actually only used one bottle in a year, which is crazy, but hey, they do say that a little bit goes a long way! 

For Christmas I ordered Gus the “Hair and Body Wash” and “Bubble Bath” from their winter collaboration with Glitter Guide. We have never used the bubble bath, but it smells so good that Gus tried to eat it!

And one of the best parts—because it’s non-toxic, plant based, and is missing all of the bad things that exist in conventional hair and skin care products, he could actually eat it and we wouldn’t have to call poison control or panic about him growing a third arm.

I can’t recommend this small business highly enough, so make sure you try them out—especially if you have little ones or suffer from eczema like I do. If you do give them a go, I have a coupon for 10% off your purchase, just click here



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