WILW: Letterfolk Letter Board

“The Writer Oak” board  hanging on our favorite wall.

“The Writer Oak” board hanging on our favorite wall.

I’m a big collector of quotes. We’re writers after all, so when I first saw Letterfolk’s letter boards, I fell in love.

I originally purchased our letter board for Gus’ nursery, but when we moved to Indiana, we downsized to a one bedroom apartment, so our letter board conveniently ended up in our bedroom.

I’m not an interior design expert, but I have done a little research on Feng Shui (that’s probably not cool anymore.) One of the things I found when I was researching home decorating and furniture layouts is that you should put what makes you happiest on the wall across from your bed, so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep.

Our letter board ended up on the wall facing our bed along with our beloved Disney artwork we’ve collected over the past five years. I have to say that while it was one of the more decorative items we’ve purchased, it’s one of those things that I am so glad we purchased. Zero buyer’s remorse.

For me, our letter board means more than the quotes we put on it. I bought it when we were in a different chapter of life—waiting for Gus—and when we decided to leave that chapter and change careers, we used it to announce our move to Indiana, and we used it to document Ries’ first day of grad school this fall. It’s an item we use to document some of our biggest life events, and by doing so it holds a magical kind of power where it reminds me of where we’ve been, the hard-fought battles we’ve won, and simultaneously contains excitement for future life events.

Thanks to Joanna and Johnny of Letterfolk for breathing life into a forgotten item that previously held function but lacked sentiment.



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