How to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday makes us all a little crazy. (Nugget, Christmas 2016.)

Black Friday makes us all a little crazy. (Nugget, Christmas 2016.)

It’s coming.

Black Friday.

It’s the shopping weekend to end all shopping weekends, and I want to talk to you about your game plan. When I say game plan, I don’t mean planning what kind of gear to wear to Super Walmart so you don’t get trampled to death when the doors open. When I say game plan, I mean how to shop intentionally—taking advantage of the sales to get the items you want, without getting consumer-drunk and buying things just because they are on sale.

1) Make a list. Stick to your list.

I recommend trying to get all of your Christmas shopping done this weekend so you can be free for the rest of the holiday season, but I know Black Friday weekend is a shopping weekend to purchase non-gift items like home items or new clothing for yourself or your family. Focus on buying the things on your list, rather than buying things just because they’re on sale.

Pro-tip: Make online wishlists—see the discounted price, make choices from your favorites, and add them to your cart. This is a great post-Thanksgiving meal activity if you feel like you’re gonna explode.

2) Make photo gifts in advance.

We’ve all attempted to make a photo book in a day, and when it doesn’t work out, we end up paying full price because we spent so much time making the best photo book ever. Make and save your photo projects before the big day.

3) Support small businesses.

Small businesses create really great products, and I want to keep them around.

If you’re in Bloomington, some of my favorite brick and mortar shops are: Gather, a shop that sells the work of local artists; O’Child, which sells the cutest kids clothes and toys; Pygmalion’s, a local art shop; and Cactus Flower, one of Bloomington’s oldest boutiques that sells both new and vintage clothing.

A few of my favorite online small businesses include:

  • Letterfolk — a letter board is a great thing to add to any home! They also started selling these adorable “passports” to track life events from losing teeth to national park visits.

  • Made by Mary— this company makes customized jewelry that’s really beautifully done. When Gus was born, we gifted a customized necklace to both of his grandmothers, and they loved them.

  • Inkwell Press— I’ve purchased my planners from this company for the past three years, and I really love them. She introduced a new, more customizable planner this year, but I haven’t had an opportunity to get my hands on one yet.

  • Merrilee Liddiard— Okay, so we don’t have any of these dolls, but I think they are just beautiful, and I plan to get one whenever we have a daughter.

  • Tubby Todd— This is the company that sells the body wash we use for Gus. It’s non-toxic and smells so yummy. They also have an “All Over Ointment” that I use for my eczema. It’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

  • Little Unicorn— We bought a couple swaddles from this company and they were just beautiful! (Gus sadly ended up being one of those babies that absolutely hated being swaddled.) They also sell other products like diaper bags, burp cloths and picnic blankets.

  • Lavendaire— Lavendaire’s Artist of Life book is a great gift for someone who is ready to set and work for their goals. These extensive books have prompts that help determine your goals for the year.

I hope these tips help you! What are you doing for Black Friday weekend?