WILW: L.L. Bean shirt

It’s rare that something lives up to its reputation. Even more so, now in the days of Instagram. So often life takes on a certain hue when seen through phone app filters and from a digital distance. When we finally get to experience the thing ourselves it feels lacking.

Not so with our first foray into L.L. Bean products. I don’t recall the last time I was properly excited about a shirt, but my L.L. Bean shirt wins that award by a wide margin. Heavy, cool, soft and resilient, it’s my favorite item of clothing - including my cowboy boots. Now, just to find the funds to fill out my whole closet.…


Ries’ favorite shirt can be found online, clicking here.

This post is not sponsored by L.L. Bean, we just like them a lot.

-A & R, Intercoastals

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