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Intercoastal: existing between two seacoasts

Intercoastals is a blog which documents and shares the travels, friends and family, local events and exploration, home, and pastimes of the Murphy family, the title being inspired by two unique and diverse upbringings all over the United States.


Amanda has a bachelors in creative writing and theater, and is an awarded, published, and produced playwright and poet. As can be expected, this is not a lucrative skill in today’s society, but will always be a passion present in whatever she does. She has worked in security and hotel management. She recently was admitted to Flatiron School’s Web Development course and awarded the “Women Take Tech” scholarship and hopes to begin her tech career in spring 2019.


Ries also has a bachelors in creative writing and worked as an editor for school publication Cauldron, interned at Bomb Magazine, and also served as editor of Cinekatz, where he wrote movie and game reviews. He served an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps and worked in government contracting before returning to school. This fall he started Indiana University’s Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCI/D) masters program and will graduate in May 2020.

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